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An avid screenwriter, John finished his first full-length screenplay at the age of 15 and another three full-length screenplays before heading to the New York Film Academy and receiving his diploma for screenwriting.

When the opportunity to return to the NYFA came up, John headed to their L.A. Division to pursue an education in Film Making. After the intensive hands-on program and over 1500 hours behind the camera, John returned to York University to finish a degree in Philosophy, while also studying Linguistics.

John was a member of the Berkshire Axis Media team, before its official founding date, in January 2010.  Since his time began at B.A.M. John has continued to write but has also being a hands-on producer in

B.A.M.s first film, House of the Rising Sun, and executive producer of their next two Séance: The Summoning and Mad Ship.