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Line Verndal is a highly appreciated and famous actress in Norway, renowned for diving deep into her characters, and almost being absorbed. The audience can sense her pain somewhere within the strength and beauty.

Educated at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, she had her first professional practise mostly from theatres. Line has successfully done parts on stage as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Nastasia Filippovna in Dostojevskij’s The Idiot, Masha in Tsjekov’s Three Sisters, and Sugar in the musical Sugar to mention a few notable roles.

Line has had major roles in numerous television series. Her professional break through was on television in 2009, playing the lead in a 24-episode series called Himmelblå, on the Norwegian state channel NRK. Himmeblå had the highest ratings of all times for a drama series in Norway, and Line was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy award, Golden Window, three years in a row.

Having starred in several feature films throughout her career, Line won an Amanda, the Norwegian Oscar award, in 2011. Line won as Best Actress in a Leading Role for the feature film Limbo, directed by Maria Soedahl. With the strong and deeply felt performance in Limbo, Line was renowned internationally for her genuine acting.