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Lane was born an Aquarius in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as her two older sisters anxiously awaited her arrival. She naturally was thrown into the world of girl stuff and wanted to do everything way before her time.   She not only wanted to keep up, she wanted to beat her sisters at everything. At bedtime Lane would cry if she wasn’t first to the top of the stairs.

One day when Lane’s mom left the standing toilet paper holder in the front landing, three-year-old Lane discovered it, took it into the family room, and started to sing and dance to her favorite Dora dance hit, Kool & The Gang’s Celebration. The family still loves to watch this home video titled Lane’s First Microphone.

Lane can entertain herself for hours playing with Barbies and American Girls, and will spend weeks devising and creating new sets for the dolls. Once everything is absolutely perfect, the camera comes out.

With no previous exposure to the world of auditions or moviemaking, at the age of 6, Lane was asked to audition for the role of Liv in Mad Ship. The audition was only 10 minutes, and Lane got the part. Although Lane’s mom was nervous signing the deal memo, and wondered if Lane could handle the task, the amazing cast and crew left them with great memories and a desire for more.

Lane loves the challenge of auditions and hopes to appear in many more movies. She enjoys gymnastics, aerial dance, and acting classes. In the summer months, Lane loves to spend time at her grandparents’ cottage.